I am disabling some of the this website and we are going to re-design it to show off the the work. You may keep up with us at our Facebook Page:

I’ve kept some of these pages intact so the you might be able to enjoy some of the work we’ve had over the recent few years.

Of course I want you to find us as easily as possible and contact us should you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for stopping and looking and we look forward to meeting you and showing you our work.

You may find us at the Santa Barbara Arts And Crafts Show every Sunday at the beach in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Our work may also be found at The American Museum Of Ceramic Art’s Gift Store in Pomona, CA.


As white as jade,

As thin as paper,

As bright as a mirror,

As sound as a bell.

Adapted from Emperor Hou Shi Zong.s white as jade,


Courtesy Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine

Due to the “One Of A Kind” highly individual nature of our pottery, please send a request to shawpottery@gmail.com and we will gladly get back to you with a price quote and shipping information.